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Build Your Birth Toolbox

When building your birth tool box, here are a few of my must haves:

•Battery operated tea lights or other LED candles. Your environment is important and making it your own by dimming the lights, adding some music or aromatherapy really allows for anyone entering your space to pause, asses where you are at in labor, and approach in a calm and supportive manner.

•Waterproof footwear. Birth can be messy, and nobody wants amniotic fluid in their Birkenstocks.

•A thin comfy robe. Be comfortable and wear your own clothes. A thin robe is great, as it offers you coverage for walking in the hallways, but also make it easy for your provider to check in with baby when needed.

•Bring your our own toiletries. These will help you feel more like yourself. Even if you can't get out of bed right away, a new coat of deodorant and some lip balm will help refreshen you up before any visitors arrive.

•White noise machine. This is perfect for your hospital stay post delivery by quieting the hustle and bustle you might hear outside your room.

For more #doulawisdom, be sure to book a doula for your due date with MedCity Doulas!

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