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Is it a Tongue Tie?

What is a "tongue tie"? When the tissue connecting our tongue and lips restricts

movement and impairs mobility.

Rochester, MN Lactation Consultation Infant Feeding Support

Facts and Tips

• Tongue-tie can cause breast soreness with breastfeeding, difficulty taking a bottle or pacifier, as well as slow weight gain and reflux.

• If you think your infant might have tongue-tie, seek out providers who are knowledgeable in assessing and treatment. You can also schedule an in-home consultation with one of our lactation professionals.

• Sometimes what looks like a tie is only tight oral tissue and can be resolved with therapy.

• Know that revision is not a quick fix. Exercises and training are a must in the first weeks following the procedure.


To schedule an in-home consultation with our lactation team, email us at or submit an inquiry online!

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