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Tis the Season: Travel Tips

Are you planning on traveling for the holidays or planning a vacation in the near future? Here are a few of my favorite travel tips.

Preparation and Packing

• Pack diapers and pull-ups if potty-training. Running to find a bathroom with only a moment’s notice in an unfamiliar place will not add enjoyment or ease to your travels. {Don’t worry about regression; it’s unlikely and they will figure it out eventually.}

• Pack tons of busy activities; window clings, stickers and a sticker book, magic scribbler, new book or toy. Use them as distractions, bringing them out one at a time.

• Don’t be afraid to use your smart device; apps can be your friend. If you do plan on using a smart device on a plane, make sure the games and activities you have can work in airplane mode and have your child practice using headphones prior to your travels.

• Pack non-sugary snacks. Preventing ‘hangry’ moments while on the move can be difficult, but your long car ride or airport navigation will be smoother without the sugar high. I promise.

• Don’t forget to check any travel restrictions or regulations for both your mode of transportation and arrival destination. Ask about accommodations available for traveling families.