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Nutritious Snacking

Snacks can be a parent's best friend, especially during the busy holiday season!

Here are some of our favorite snacking tips:

-Include a protein source to help your child feel more satisfied until the next mealtime

- Keep snack times consistent so your child knows when to expect a snack vs. constantly asking for a snack

- Keep healthy options within vision such as a bowl of fresh fruit on the countertop, you are more likely to grab these

- Pre-package snacks for on-the-go in ziplock bags with appropriate portion sizes (rather than grabbing the entire bag of Goldfish...)

- Keep distractions such as TV, computers, iPads, etc. turned off during snack times to avoid mindless eating

- Most importantly, be a good role model! Your child is watching everything that you do including what you eat. When you enjoy healthy foods, your child is more likely to enjoy them too For more tips and recipes, join us Sunday, December 3rd from 2-3 pm at Minnesota Children's Museum - Rochester for our monthly Parent Topic Pop Up

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