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14 Ways to NOT Celebrate Valentine's Day.

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It's that time of year again. Time to hear people complain about how much they dislike Valentine's Day and how the 14th Century tradition is only fueling consumerism. I hate hearing this. Not only do I love the idea of this holiday--and everything heart shaped, but I know it has the potential to be so much more! Most of us have more than one person we love in our lives; parents, children, friends, baristas. So, why not celebrate all of those you love and do it over the entire first half of February?!

After all, love actually is all around.

So, here are 14 ways to NOT celebrate (the traditional) Valentine's day

1. Bake cookies for your neighbors or friends that you wish were your neighbors. Bonus points if heart-shaped.

2. Take a family photo. Professional session or selfie---just document the LOVE.

3. Bring your co-workers donuts.

4. Wear pink, red, and/or hearts for 14 days.

5. Talk to a complete stranger. Take out your ear buds and say hello to someone in the elevator.