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Take a Peek: Client Favorites

We hope you love the products we recommend!

We want to let you know, we may make some money if you purchase items on this page.

Maybe you're eyeballing that "magical" must-have from the mom you see on instagram. We can tell you, these items are some solid recommendations. If you are thinking about it, we'd say GREEN LIGHT! 1. Snoo Smart Sleeper If your number one goal is to protect all the sleep, this is a big player to have on your team. Pst, consider overnight postpartum doula care for a winning combo! 2. Comotomo Bottles

Easy to clean and we've seen a lot of babies prefer these/switch easily if feeding at both breast and bottle. 3. Sleepea Swaddle Sack

The same sleep expert that developed the SNOO, brought a great option for those who want the swaddling but not the automatic sooshing and swaying (insert postpartum doula here). Swaddle safely in 5 seconds, the loop-and-hook closer is especially quiet. 4. Baby Brezza One-Step Steam Sanitizer

Store and sanitize. If bottle-feeding this keeps things easy-peasy.

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