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We are so excited you want to have a doula-supported transition to parenthood. We would love to work with you!


Here is a bit more info about the services we offer.


If you have any questions or want to review a contract we can set up a time to talk!

birth support

A doula offers physical, emotional, and educational support before, during, and immediately after the birth process. With our team approach, you will get to know your doulas, we can provide continuous on call support from the every start and we can guarantee continuous support for your birth. 


postpartum support

Parenthood looks different for everyone and it can be hard. Like a breath of fresh air; your postpartum doula will provide an extra set of hands to support your family through this transition. Care is tailored to meet your family's needs and is offered in 4+ hour daytime shifts or 6+ hour overnight shifts. Care can include but is not limited to: meal prep, laundry, sibling and infant care, non-biased support and solutions.


lactation + feeding support

Support from our lactation specialists can set you up for success in feeding your infant. Whether your goal is to exclusively breastfeed, pump for returning to work, or navigate this transitions and any bumps in the road. Our team is here to help you define your success. 


placenta encapsulation

You only get one placenta, if you want to consume it post-birth, make sure that that it is being prepared safely. Our Encapsulation Specialists are food safety trained and blood borne pathogen safety trained, you have the option of processing with the Specialist in your home or at our site. Your placenta will never be processed in a kitchen and will always be treated with respect and care. Add-on options include: traditional or digital print, tincture product.


custom support

Build Your Own Package!


Any and all of our services can be combined to create your ultimate supported experience. 

it takes a village

Postpartum Support

on call + continuous

modern take on tradition

Lactation Support

empowered solutions

Birth Support
Placenta encapsulatin
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