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Birth and Postpartum Hacks from a Professional Doula

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Birth and Postpartum Hacks

BIRTH HACKS -Nourishment!! Snacks (and drinks other than water, if preferred) for both the birthing person and partner, for during labor and after birth. Everyone needs to be fueled - for laboring, for solid support, for after birth, and physical recovery. -Your Own Clothing - You should be in whatever you are most comfortable in, both during and after birth - clothing, socks, hair ties, headbands, etc. POSTPARTUM -Witch Hazel...this stuff is nearly miraculous for healing after a vaginal birth. It has a cooling effect and helps heal the skin. It can be applied directly using a cotton swab (with care provider's go-ahead since it may be best to wait a few days if stitches are in) or made into "padsicles."

Burpcloths - I swear you cannot have enough of these. They can be used for the obvious erps and drool, but also for under diaper changes (if there's a spill you can just swap out the cloth instead of changing the whole changing pad cover), thrown on the floor during tummy time, or tucked into your shirt to catch leaks when nursing on the opposite side. Have different sizes on hand, buy them, ask for them for gifts, or make your own! -A Good Bouncer Seat - It doesn't need to be expensive or fancy, just a comfy place for baby to sit in so you can cook, eat, get dressed, fold laundry, clean, shower(!), exercise, etc. while baby is nestled into a comfy spot and entertained with a toy, you, or the light on the ceiling.

For more #doulawisdom, be sure to book a doula for your due date with MedCity Doulas!

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